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GOYA is a local non-profit organization that I used to volunteer for. And when I say non-profit, I mean it—100% of the money gets donated goes straight to the cause. There are no administration fees, no employees to pay, absolutely every penny they receive gets funneled straight to where it’s needed most. I could go on all day telling you the GOYA story, but I’ll let you read about it for yourself on their website. I would also encourage you to donate if you can. Even just a few bucks goes a long way in Kenya.

This organization reached out to me for help with print design. The organization was growing, but there was more they wanted to do. The grassroots campaign was successful, but they needed my help in stepping up the game to raise awareness and try to get donations. I started off small, simply providing donation envelopes to leave behind at speaking events. After all, anything we wanted to print, we had to pay for out of our own pockets—100% of donations goes to Kenya, so we couldn’t use donated money for marketing. I didn’t post pictures of these because they’re pretty standard and not exciting to look at.

Then, one of our biggest sponsors, a company called Christmas Creations, asked us to make some postcards that they could put into every single shopping bag encouraging their customers to donate. We thought this was awesome, and postcards are pretty cheap, so we jumped on it. We designed them so that we could use them down the road without the Christmas Creations name in case we needed them, or if other companies asked us to do the same for them.

Hope CardHope Card


As the organization grew, we started trying to recruit more volunteers for specific things. We sent medical groups twice a year through the local nursing college for example. We needed experienced construction workers to assist in school building or well digging. So we needed a creative way for people to reach out. This was the type of help and support that is truly world-changing. So the question became: How far would you go to change the world? So that’s what the mailer said.

How Far?How Far?
Some of the elements appear upside down, because this was a tri-fold mailer. So when you fold it up, each element is correctly oriented when viewing. Check out some junk mail you get next time and you’ll see what I mean.

The 2+ Report

The 2+ Report came about after a long conversation of reminiscing about all the progress we made. We had done so much in just over two years that we were starting to forget some of the smaller, easier projects. That got us thinking, “I wonder if our donors know about all the projects their donations have helped?” So we made a tiny version of an annual report out of it. The pages have talked about the number of people we’ve helped, the schools we’ve built, jobs we’ve created, wells we’ve dug, and all the other myriad things that we’ve done to improve the lives of the people of Mitumba. We tried to use standard page sizes whenever possible, and kept the page count as low as we could. It was a fun project, and I think it turned out really well. The book came in a small package with bullet points about the progress we’ve made, along with several stickers and a thank you card. We even included a couple of the t-shirts we designed for our volunteers.

  • T-Shirt Hope Tree
  • T-Shirt How Far
  • 2+page7
  • 2+page6
  • 2+page5
  • 2+page4
  • 2+page3
  • 2+page2
  • 2+page1
  • 2+cover

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